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So the list ...... and this I think will be a constantly evolving one but I figure if I write it, it at least makes a start and commits me to something (btw - the list is also in no particular order)

  1. Take an iPhone photography class

  2. Have a SUP lesson

  3. Get fitter (it makes any list I write !)

  4. Declutter every room in the house

  5. Go to a West End Show - thinking 'Bad Cinderella'

  6. Walk up Snowdon

  7. Plan / Remodel our house (or move)

  8. Have a photoshoot with Matt from LightHouse Photography studio

  9. Meal at The Ivy

  10. Go to 10 places within 25 miles of where I live that I haven't been to before

  11. Learn to play the piano

  12. Watch the sunrise on Mynydd Bodafon

  13. Start a dinner club

  14. Buy a bottle of Cristal Champagne

  15. Read 50 books (including 12 motivation/mindset books)

  16. Raise at least £500 for charity

  17. Develop my listening skills

  18. Go to a music concert

  19. Meal at the Bird in Hand, Marlow

  20. Have fresh flowers in the house every week

  21. Weekend in Yvoire

  22. BBQ on the beach

  23. Start a blog / e-diary / scrapbook / Instagram page to document 50 things

  24. Enjoy a Spa Day with friends

  25. Go to Ty Coch / Morfa Nefyn

  26. SUP & BBQ by Padarn Lake

  27. Meal at Lerpwl

  28. Take a / some cookery lessons

  29. Afternoon tea with mum at The Berkley

  30. Clean out my email accounts

  31. Walk the Anglesey Coastal Path

  32. Watch the sunset from Church Bay

  33. See the Northern Lights

  34. Have a family photo shoot

  35. Dance in the rain

  36. Plan a family birthday weekend

  37. Sleep under the stars

  38. Volunteer

  39. Go to the Padstow Food Festival

  40. Give Blood

  41. Pay for coffee / lunch for a stranger in a queue

  42. Commit to daily meditation - 50 day streak

  43. See bioluminescent plankton

  44. Plan actual Birthday celebration

  45. Go to a music festival

  46. See the Nutcracker with my family

  47. Plan a weekend away with my sister

  48. Cycle / Walk / Run 50 miles every week

  49. Download all the old photos off the old computer

  50. Tech free weekend with the family

50 things list: List
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